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WebEye is one of the largest companies in Asia that provide comprehensive advertising & publishing solutions for mobile games / APPs. It designed a premiere live data platform, Taurus, to target 1 billion+ people in 200+ countries, and leverages AI technology to help partners, especially game developers, reach their ideal customers effectively.

Why choose Webeye for Mobile advertising:
• Three verticals: APPs, games & e-commerce
• Smooth server-to-server API and SDK integration
• Simplified real-time performance reports
• Accurate targeting and relevant-only ad delivery
• High global fill rate guaranteed

Contact us to learn how to reach the widest audience precisely at lowest costs!


Company Profile

Website  https://www.webeyemob.com/
Social  FacebookLinkedIn
Contact  support@webeyemob.com
Headquarter  No.86 Huasheng Avenue, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Offices  China, Israel
Company type  Adnetwork, Affiliate
Company size  200 employees
Founded  2015


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