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Being the leader of Asian mobile advertising news and directory, our mission is to help mobile advertising companies grow in Asian mobile market

Please contact muribada@gmail.com

Partner Post News

  • news article in english
  • must be related to mobile advertising
  • market insights, new products or services, company updates, PR, etc.
  • images to be added
  • contact person for article

Company Profile for directory(sample)

  • company logo
  • company introduction
Website  (www.muribada.com)
Social  (Facebook, Linkedin)
Contact  (muribada@gmail.com)
Headquarter  (muribada road 007, muribada city, muribada country)
Offices  (China, Japan, Korea, USA)
Company type  (Adnetwork, Agency)
Company size  (200 employees)
Founded  (2011)


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Please contact muribada@gmail.com