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Creative Performance Marketing

Madup Inc. is a creative performance marketing agency

Since 2011, Madup Inc. has been grown as a professional marketing agency. We measure accurate effectiveness of our performance in order to help you reach optimal KPI in your business.”


The faster mobile market has been changed,the faster Madup has been grown up.

Since a number of smartphone users reached 40 million, a numerous number of fine quality mobile applications came out for them. However, there are few that still being loved. Nowadays, not only strategic planning and development are important, but also mobile app marketing takes a huge part of success.We provide accurate and optimal mobile app marketing plan to advertisers. We extract reliable data from tracking tools, and apply them to a variety of services, such as app marketing consulting, platform management, advertisement planning, etc.We have performed reward marketing, CPI marketing, CPA marketing, and CPM marketing, and also we’ve worked with major companies with highest sales in commerce, real estate, education, games, and more.We proudly work with our own character as a startup and passionate team members. Together, we have figured mobile app map, mobile app market flow, mobile app trend, successful app revenue model and marketing strategies, and in 2016, we are still growing for brighter future.

Company Profile

Website  www.madup.com
Contact  webmaster@madup.com
Headquarter  5F 110, Bangbae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Offices  Korea
Company type  AdnetworkAgency
Company size  30 ~ 50 employees
Founded  2011

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